'Young Dementia Herefordshire'  has been established because of our personal experiences, being pre-retirement age and looking for support and advice to help adjust to a life with dementia. We have found that existing services and information are aimed at an older generation and not right for us. 
We want to create a supportive community for the sharing of information and experiences, arrange social activities, work against preconceptions and provide a place to go when feeling isolated.
Our regular meetings give us a fixed place to make contact, discuss topics, ask question and plan activities. 
'Young Dementia Herefordshire' is a community interest group, funded and run by its members. We have made contacts and received funding from various organisations such as Asda and the Rotary Club as well as private individuals.
If this group is relevant to you, or you are interested in helping to support the group please make contact and join us at these meetings. You can either drop by at our meetings or send us an email. 

 Email: info@youngdementiaherefordshire.org